Ghosts Before Breakfast

Ghosts Before Breakfast - Cover

Track List

  1. Ghosts Before Breakfast
  2. The Great Whatever
  3. The Distinguished Thing
  4. Cobblestones
  5. The Wild Wind
  6. A Man of Much Merit
  7. Celebrity Artist
  8. For Heaven’s Sake
  9. Rocket Science
  10. Feather In A Stream
  11. Christina In Your Salon

Long known as a literate songwriter with a taste for eclectic source material, Morsberger stretched even his own boundaries on ‘Ghosts’- he comments:  “Themes are…gender, expatriation, art, and especially, again and again, mortality.  There are several historical narratives also…This is probably the most eccentric and ambitious record I’ve made.  It has several long form pieces that move in and out of contrasting styles, and features quite a bit of orchestration.”  Morsberger’s long-time band joins him on ‘Ghosts Before Breakfast’:  Robin Gould on drums, Jon Herington on guitar, with Zev Katz and Paul Socolow sharing the bass chair.  The album will be released as a physical CD on February 14, 2012.

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