USA Today – Listen Up Music Pick

Respected critics weighed in with early raves for ‘Ghosts Before Breakfast.’ In her USA TODAY Listen Up Music Pick, Elysa Gardner highlighted the mournful song “Cobblestones,” praising it as an “exquisitely plaintive postcard from a lonely foreigner”

Jon Takiff review in Philly Daily News

Noted Philadelphia rock critic Jon Takiff wrote:
“His are songs that aim high, that might evoke the mind-set of a Dalton Trumbo or last thoughts of Henry James, put words to the images of surreal silent-film pioneer Hans Richter or ponder the cross dressing Swedish Queen Christina. It’s storytelling song craft that seasoned music critics compare favorably to the eccentric best of Randy Newman, Warren Zevon, Loudon Wainwright, Harry Nilsson, Gary Brooker (Procol Harum), Tom Waits and Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen.”  Read the full review.

Review by Rick Koster in The Day

“Morsberger is a distinctive and brilliant pop songwriter, and “Ghosts Before Breakfast” is a clever, wise, sad and gorgeously insightful album of meditations on mortality and loss.”  Read the review, from music critic Rick Koster.  Then read the full interview that ran a few days later:

Wildy’s World review

WILDYSWORLD – CD REVIEW: “Rob Morsberger has always had a talent for writing deep-yet quirky pop/rock songs.  His 2010 release, The Chronicle Of A Literal Man, was a musical breath of fresh air bursting upon a world of jaded pop.  Morsberger’s most recent work, Ghost Before Breakfast, takes a darker yet no less enigmatic turn.”-Jack Goodstein.
Read the full review.

Blogcritics review

“Ghosts Before Breakfast welds the patented density of Morsberger’s allusive lyrics and subject matter to a variety of musical styles both within and between songs. These are songs that will keep listeners humming along as they puzzle over meanings. This is true art, and the real thing is never easy.”
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Music & Musicians

Writer Lee Zimmerman included the CD in the ‘Quick Takes’ section of his INDIE SCENES column, and praised: “…the sharp air of defiance in the title track quickly upends preconceived notions. Morsberger’s literate songs are etched with irony (“Old Jolly Farm”), nostalgia (“Nebraska in Winter”) and recrimination (“Like Eating a Stone,” “Independent Movie”).

Chronicle CD review in alt weekly Black & White

Black & White – Alternative Weekly CD Review: “There’s a planet where massive-headed aliens pick up transmissions of John Mayer and Jason Mraz. Then they turn them into bluesy acoustic tunes with lots of heart and soul and catchy melodies that sound a lot like the work of Rob Morsberger. “