New Double-CD To Be released February 15 – “Early Work 1986–1995”

On February 15, esoteric songwriter Rob Morsberger will release a 22-song double-CD, ‘Early Work 1986-1995’. The two-volume set chronicles the evolution of an acclaimed artist who has met his recent diagnosis of terminal cancer with a relentless drive towards releasing as much material as time allows.

‘Early Work’ is a surprising, eclectic overview of Morsberger’s search for his ‘voice’ as a literate songwriter, with material from the mid-Eighties showing that his songwriting craft was already strongly in place from the beginning.  The entire collection represents a unique sound in his catalogue, being essentially built around solo, intimate piano performances and vocal arrangements, with a stellar cast of players teasing these out into assorted duets and trios with a few full band arrangements (guest singers include Loudon Wainwright III, Marshall Crenshaw, Suzzy Roche).  The double CD reveals the early work of a uniquely talented man, as he navigates a decade of his life and his art.